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Jiangsu DianXiaoEr E-commerce Co., LTD

After 6 years of development, from the initial 3 people to nearly 40 professional teams, the company has always been customer-centric, efficient-based, professional-based.

The company has won 2011 annual Performance Award, 2011 annual Performance Improvement Award, 2013 annual Silver award of E-commerce Supplier Performance Contribution Award, 2015 annual sales Gold Award, and won the member unit of Yancheng Southern Big Data Business Association.Treat every customer with a service-oriented attitude.It has formed the largest operation system in China in terms of art design, customer service, operation and promotion, logistics service, etc.

At present, the company mainly engaged in kitchen appliances, baby products, including milk warmer, complementary machine, breakfast machine, rice cooker sales in the same industry far ahead.



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